SWF Embroidery Machine Parts

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Official SWF embroidery machine parts from the manufacturer, as we are the official USA distributor for SWF machines (Stitch It International). Search for over 1,000 SWF embroidery parts from belts, motors, knife sets, rotary hooks, reciprocators, circuit boards, upper thread hooks, gears, potentiometers, cams and more.
SWF Presser Foot (New) [LPF-GC000600, 4-F-3-4]
SWF Presser Foot (New)

Part No: LPF-GC000600

$ 10.35
SWF Positioning Sensor [15043EL-T121, 4-B-1-3]
SWF Positioning Sensor

Part No: 15043EL-T121

$ 28.33
SWF Picker Bracket [GP-016513-01, 4-B-3-3]
SWF Picker Bracket

Part No: GP-016513-01

$ 19.35
SWF Picker Base [GP-016514-00, 4-F-3-2]
SWF Picker Base

Part No: GP-016514-00

$ 7.48
SWF Oil Tube Pin [LLB-JP000100, 4-F-3-2]
SWF Oil Tube Pin

Part No: LLB-JP000100

$ 1.05
SWF Needle Plate Set [BHB-PS001400, 4-B-2-2]
SWF Needle Plate Set

Part No: BHB-PS001400

$ 79.20
SWF Needle Guide Plate [LHB-BB000501, 4-B-2-2]
SWF Needle Guide Plate

Part No: LHB-BB000501

$ 84.88
SWF N/B Driving Shaft Washer [DWS-AA019900, 4-B-3-3]
SWF N/B Driving Shaft Washer

Part No: DWS-AA019900

$ 0.58
SWF Moving MES [LTT-NA000100, 4-B-3-3]
SWF Moving MES

Part No: LTT-NA000100

$ 37.63
SWF MES Mounting Set [AS-008634-01, 4-F-2-4]
SWF MES Mounting Set

Part No: AS-008634-01

$ 143.01
SWF MES Driving Lever (E-UK1204) [LTT-CM000400, 4-B-4-3]
SWF MES Driving Lever (E-UK1204)

Part No: LTT-CM000400

$ 32.70
SWF Memory Card Assembly [06-200A-SW64, 4-F-4-2]
SWF Memory Card Assembly

Part No: 06-200A-SW64

$ 1,051.93
SWF Main Direct Motor (1KW) (D/G/GE) [SFAM-1000-05, 4-F-2-3]
SWF Main Direct Motor (1KW) (D/G/GE)

Part No: SFAM-1000-05

$ 3,619.00
SWF Lever Pin "A" [DSC-FF005300, 4-B-2-2]
SWF Lever Pin "A"

Part No: DSC-FF005300

$ 1.58
SWF LM Guide Block Set (12C) [03068LM-BB00, 4-B-3-2]
SWF LM Guide Block Set (12C)

Part No: 03068LM-BB00

$ 308.90
SWF LCD MONITOR(10.4)-G104V1-T03 [EP-000600-00, 4-F-2-1]
SWF LCD MONITOR(10.4)-G104V1-T03

Part No: EP-000600-00

$ 2,250.05
SWF Jumping "S" Plate Washer [PWS-AA003900, 4-B-2-3]
SWF Jumping "S" Plate Washer

Part No: PWS-AA003900

$ 0.08
SWF IO REV06 (NC-IO) B/D [ BD-000221-08, 4-F-5-1]

Part No: BD-000221-08

$ 571.88
SWF Hook Shaft Bearing Washer [DWS-AA007200, 4-B-2-2]
SWF Hook Shaft Bearing Washer

Part No: DWS-AA007200

$ 2.60
SWF Holding Driving Plate [LTP-BJ000200, 4-B-2-2]
SWF Holding Driving Plate

Part No: LTP-BJ000200

$ 3.88