SWF Embroidery Machine Parts

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Official SWF embroidery machine parts from the manufacturer, as we are the official USA distributor for SWF machines (Stitch It International). Search for over 1,000 SWF embroidery parts from belts, motors, knife sets, rotary hooks, reciprocators, circuit boards, upper thread hooks, gears, potentiometers, cams and more.
SWF Stop Switch [EP-000193-00, 4-F-2-3]
SWF Stop Switch

Part No: EP-000193-00

$ 41.30
Sold Out
Start/Stop S/W to S/W [CA-004800-00, 4-F-2-5]
Start/Stop S/W to S/W

Part No: CA-004800-00

$ 5.28
SWF Start Switch  [EP-000192-00, 4-F-2-3]
SWF Start Switch

Part No: EP-000192-00

$ 41.30
SWF Membrane Switch [GP-047408-00, 4-F-4-5]
SWF Membrane Switch

Part No: GP-047408-00

$ 46.38
SWF Emergency Switch Set [02000800T000, 5-4-2]
SWF Emergency Switch Set

Part No: 02000800T000

$ 27.43
SWF Main Power S/W (ABS32C-10A) [EP-000544-00, 4-F-2-1]
SWF Main Power S/W (ABS32C-10A)

Part No: EP-000544-00

$ 183.75
SWF Push B/T Switch (ARF-G111G-2A) [02000700T000, 5-3-2]
SWF Push B/T Switch (ARF-G111G-2A)

Part No: 02000700T000

$ 21.00
Sold Out
SWF Magnetic Switch Set (MC-18B AC24/60HZ/1A1B) [EP-000542-00, 4-F-3-3]
SWF Magnetic Switch Set (MC-18B AC24/60HZ/1A1B)

Part No: EP-000542-00

$ 88.18
HEAD ON/OFF SWITCH [11036EL-A001, 5-1-1]

Part No: 11036EL-A001

$ 30.68
SWF Emergency Stop Switch [EP-000157-00, 5-1-1]
SWF Emergency Stop Switch

Part No: EP-000157-00

$ 46.92
SWF Emergency S/W [10-002A-CPT1, 4-F-2-4]
SWF Emergency S/W

Part No: 10-002A-CPT1

$ 29.75
SWF MAIN POWER S/W (C1550AB) [10-003A-CPT1, 5-5-1]

Part No: 10-003A-CPT1

$ 9.95
SWF Start/Stop S/W From J/B [SH-24-03, 5-2-4]
SWF Start/Stop S/W From J/B

Part No: SH-24-03

$ 59.30
Magnetic Switch Set [EP-000142-02, 4-B-3-1]
Magnetic Switch Set

Part No: EP-000142-002

$ 222.75
Emergency S/W [29002EL-A001, 4-B-4-4]
Emergency S/W

Part No: 29002EL-A001

$ 15.00
HEAD ON/OFF S/W A^SSY FOR A/S [10200100B000, 4-B-3-3]

Part No: 10200100B000

$ 39.28
SWF Emergency S/W [EP-000482-00, 4-B-2-4]
SWF Emergency S/W

Part No: EP-000482-00

$ 31.65