Sierra Embroidery Office 17 - Design Maxx

Product Description

Sku/Part No: ART-D50

Especially recommended for those who want to start in the activity of digitizing, have acquired an embroidery machine and wish autonomy. Includes a complete group of tools to create embroidery designs.

The modules included in Design Maxx round up the most complete application for those taking the first steps in professional embroidery. Watch the results you can achieve!

Design Maxx covers the most important needs: design storage, organization and format conversion, editing and advanced processing, one or several lines of text with customizable layouts, and a vast set of tools for creation of new designs. It also includes the ability to create designs from pictures or images, embroidery simulation, machine transfer, etc.


- Create embroidery designs from images, scanner or digitizer boards.

- Edit existing embroidery designs. Includes lettering and design processing.

- Design management , organization, code conversion, print out, machine connection, etc.

- High quality realistic samples of embroidery designs, print out and conversion to images.

- Create embroidery designs from pictures with a simple click. Produces B&W and color composed designs.

$ 2,000.00

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