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Embroidery Needles

The correct embroidery needle is very important! Organ is the only brand we offer, because they are simply the best in the industry. Both the quality and selection of this brand name needle are outstanding. Organ needles are made of highly-polished surgical steel and are available in ballpoint and sharp styles. Also, all organ needles have extra-large eyes to make threading easy and larger shafts for decreased deflection. 

For the best quality embroidery, the right needle is just as important as the fabric and thread. Commercial embroiderers need the right round shank commercial needles. We offer ballpoint round shank needles in six popular sizes and sharp styles in three sizes. Organ offers an ideal needle for every embroidery material on the market.

Organ Features

  • Highly polished, surgical steel needles.
  • Extra-large eyes for easier threading.
  • Larger shafts for decreased deflection.
  • Less thread breakage.
  • Less skipped stitches.
  • Increased needle durability.

How to find the right embroidery needle

Each and every fabric requires a specific type and size of needle. It’s very important to consider these needle characteristics:

Needle Size: The needle size must be correct for the weight and texture of the material to be embroidered.

Needle Point: The needle point, whether a sharp needle or ballpoint needle, must also be carefully chosen so it's appropriate for the materials.

The finer the embroidery thread and the sheerer the fabric, the smaller the needle size should be. The thicker the embroidery thread, the larger the needle size should be, because the needle's eye must be larger to accommodate the thread.

Tip: Slip the thread into a needle outside of the machine. Hold the thread horizontal and fairly taut on both ends. Then let the needle slide down by alternately lifting the right and left hand. If the needle slides easily down the thread, the needle size is correct.

For better embroidery results, please refer to our guide below for choosing the correct