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Embroidery Bobbins

Sii Store offers the highest quality pre-wound bobbins in both L bobbin and M bobbin styles. We keep one of the largest inventories of high quality economy bobbins in the country. Our economy bobbins are consistent, cheap and simply wonderful! Aside from the economy line, we also offer brand name Coats bobbins and Fil-Tec Magna-Glide bobbins for those who like to stick with trusted brand names.


Do you often have issues with bobbin thread breaks?

Bobbin thread breaks can be caused by any number of individual or combination of factors. The first step to stopping this is using high quality bobbins. Next, try different adjustments to your machine, digitizing design changes, changing to another brand of bobbin, and consider the fabric and embroidery backing that you are using.

Successful embroidery is only possible with a high quality bobbin, and we highly encourage you to check out our extremely high quality economy bobbins!


Are you unsure of which size bobbin your machine uses?

There are 3 different sizes of embroidery bobbins. L, M, and A. The L and A sizes are the smaller bobbins and are about the size of a nickel. L style fits most commercial embroidery machines and many home machines. The A style fit mostly just home machines. M style bobbins are about the size of a quarter. They are also sometimes called jumbo bobbins. M style bobbins will not be compatible with your embroidery machine unless your equipment was originally manufactured to use that size.