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StitchMaker MicroFonts Upgrade

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$ 299.00
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Includes 11 machine embroidery micro fonts

They might be small, but they are impactful! These super tiny fonts are digitized and ready for use in your projects in StitchMaker.

Includes these fonts:

  • Arial Small
  • Bauhaus Small
  • Brush Small
  • Casual Small
  • Century Small
  • Diana Small
  • Goudy Small
  • Hobo Small
  • Impress Small
  • Revue Small
  • Rounded Small

    *This product is an optional add-on to the StitchMaker program. StitchMaker Lettering & Editing is required to be installed and activated prior to purchasing this upgrade. You can find StitchMaker and purchase here: Click Here

    **Once purchased, you will receive an e-mail with a code to activate the upgrade inside your StitchMaker software.

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